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Insurance and Hurricanes

Here are the top five things policyholders need to understand about insurance and hurricanes:

  1. Hurricane deductibles: Most homeowners’ insurance policies contain specific provisions related to damage caused by hurricanes, and a key feature is often higher deductibles for losses resulting from a hurricane. Under this provision, homeowners are responsible for...

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Hurricane Preparedness

Trusted Choice® 

Hurricane Preparedness

Be Prepared for the Hurricane

The hurricane survival experts at the Florida Division of Emergency Management offer you advice for before, during and after the storm.

Countdown Checklist: Before the Storm

Properly preparing for a hurricane...

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When Should I Review My Home Insurance Coverage?

Insurance is an important part of being a homeowner. Not only does it protect you from damages caused by things like fire and vandalism, but it can also protect your personal property or additional structures like garages, and provide liability coverage.

But when is it time to review your coverages?...

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